Monday, August 27, 2018

Proud of my perseverance

I almost don't want to blog because I've been working on the same project for so long that I almost bore myself.  Except there's nothing boring about making scrappy blocks!  Each one is an adventure!  I bit the bullet and started the 28 extra blocks I need to make my Flutterby quilt queen sized.
I've started joining the 6.5" blocks into 12.5" blocks
And I finally found and put up a design wall (which, for me, means a flannel backed tablecloth - the least expensive and most sturdy design wall I've ever used!  When I lived in Virginia, I used the same $2 tablecloth as my design wall for 13 years!).  I'm so happy to be off the floor!

The other thing that has been taking up my time is an upcoming event, The Home Sewing Exchange, at which I have signed up to be a vendor.  It's the 27th year this local church has hosted this, and folks bring fabric and yarn and notions from their own stash that they want to unload for cheap.  Since I used to own a yarn and fabric store, and since I no longer have lots of space, I have been collecting things to take, many of which are already in my ETSY shop.  So the collecting, as well as the expanding of my Clearance section and slashing of prices in the shop, has kept me busy as well. 

I'm proud of my restraint in not starting another project until I finish this Flutterby.  It is so unlike me, but I do have a deadline if it is going to make it to the silent auction fundraiser for a battered women's shelter in November.

Today was also my first day back to work.  I was dreading it, which was silly because I love my job and the people on my team.  We had a great day!  I'm just sorry to see summer end.

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Time to go BIGGER

I finally finished all my Flutterby blocks, but I think I need to go bigger.  As it now stands, all sewn together the quilt would measure 72" x 96" (once the final scrappy white border is included, which I haven't yet laid out below). 
Note to self - make it a priority to put up a design wall; this designing on the floor is for the birds!
If I add two more columns of blocks (28 blocks), it would measure 84" x 96", which is a much more usable size, don't ya think?  I'm donating the quilt to a silent auction fundraiser this fall, but to be honest, I think I'm going to bid on it.  I just love its scrappy loveliness!  And at the larger size, it would work perfectly on my bed!

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Monday, August 13, 2018

I finally got a chance to SEW!

WOW!  This summer has been an adventure!  I didn't plan any big trips, but I've spent time with family and friends in New Hampshire, enjoyed a long weekend on Martha's Vineyard, caught up with my college roommates and their kiddos in Vermont, hosted some Virginia friends here in my home - and to top it all off, I moved!  It's no wonder that it has been WEEKS since I have sewn!  But I've been feeling the itch, so today, I squirreled myself away in my new office/sewing room and SEWED!

My temperature quilt is up to date through the end of July.
This is actually only through July 22, but I have July 23-July 31 completed as well.
I hope to get caught up through present day tomorrow.  My other most pressing goal is to complete my Flutterby top before school starts in a couple weeks, as I need to get it to the long arm quilter so it can be quilted and then donated for a fundraiser. (I know, I LOVE that quilt top, but I can always make another, right?)

One thing I have been able to do throughout all this summer activity is knit.  I have finished my second Little Big Wrap (LBW), and now it just needs blocking.

This is actually a photo of the first one I made but gave away.  The one I just finished is EXACTLY the same, just not blocked yet.  Can't wait to wear it when the weather cools.
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