Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I have a wonderful, talented quilting friend who is doing a bit of de-stashing.  She came into my shop yesterday and bestowed upon me the greatest of gifts for a scrap quilter like me - precut squares!!  A bin of 2.5" squares, one of 3" squares and a 2 gallon Baggie of 5" squares. Jackpot!!
I precut all my scraps into squares, but mine are NEVER this NEAT!  How does she do it??
I was inspired to sew when I got home from work, but my cutting table was completely buried in knitting paraphernalia and my ironing board was lost under UFOs, patterns and fabric scraps. I spent about an hour tidying up (why do I let it get like that?) and then treated myself to an hour of sewing. I restrained myself and kept away from my new precuts, forcing myself instead to tackle a UFO. I chose a scrappy plaid project that I had all the material collected for but for which I had done very little sewing. My inspiration is Julie K's quilt in her header. I have a LONG way yet to go!

It's good to get some quilting done.  Lately it has all been class and shop samples:
Corner Bookmarks as samples for my afterschool program

A newborn crown hat to highlight a yarn in the shop
That's the trouble with doing so many different things - it seems like there's never enough time!!  May you all find the time you need to do the things you WANT!  Be well!