Thursday, April 14, 2011

Full day in Atlanta

What a great day! We arrived at our hotel at about 12:30 AM, slept until 8, had breakfast, 20 minutes to let our food settle and then 2 hours in the hotel pool. For the first hour I just watched the kids swim while I worked on the binding of Donald's Boys Will Be Boys quilt, but then I got in and swam laps and lounged around in the hot tub.

Then it was shower time and a walk to a nearby mall to buy new sneakers for all of us. Lunch in the food court and back to the hotel to find Adam had returned from his appointment. We left him napping and took the car to McDonough, GA to visit my friend, Nancy, who moved away last summer. The boys enjoyed some basketball in the driveway with her husband while she and I caught up,

then we went down to the lake to walk around and watch the fish and geese. Finally, they took us to a fun diner for dinner, and we were back in the car to drive back to the hotel.

The boys are out for a nighttime walk with Adam before bed - remember the magic of being outside in the dark after your bedtime? I do; in fact, I still feel that magic when I am out in public after dark. I'm such a homebody that that is a rarity.

Tomorrow should be another fun-filled day, so I should get some sleep.