Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Inventory

What a weekend!  I had to work on Saturday morning and Sunday evening.  We had cub scout activities all day on Saturday and a camp out on Saturday night.  And I had a booth at a small festival in town on Saturday.  I needed to clone myself!!

Since the booth was in the same town as last month's booth, I felt like I should have some new inventory in case some people wandered by who had seen my stuff before.  I hung new/different quilts to form my booth walls, and added fabric composition book covers to my inventory.  I made one for my sister two years ago, and she loves it and encouraged me to make more.  
These are the ones I made a couple of years ago.  The one in the middle went to my sister.  The other two sold at other booths last year and earlier this year.
Of course, I couldn't remember how I made hers!  Figures!  Back to the drawing board.  First, I made two using some orphan blocks and this tutorial.  I love how her covers turned out, but I was dissatisfied with mine, partially because I wanted a thicker, softer cover.  I ended up inserting some batting into these, which worked out OK, but I went looking for another tutorial after making these two.

This one sold  before I even finished setting up my booth!
The next tutorial that caught my eye was this one.  Rather than use fusible pellon, I used batting.  I love the way there is a lining AND no need to topstitch around the outside.  That is really what I wanted to avoid because topstitching through many layers never seems to turn out looking neat for me.  First, I made this one using some more orphans - scrappy 4-patches this time.  I liked my modified construction method, so then I moved on to other fabrics.

First, I used some lettered fabric and the crown and British fabric that I got from a scrap bin from a store in Atlanta.  I've been dying to use this fabric, and I like how the journal turned out.  If nothing else, it lets people know what these books are or can be!

Then, I pulled out a little panel that I've been wanting to use, surrounded it by black, and embellished it with some embroidery in orange.  It wasn't my intention, but it seems rather seasonal to me, don't you think?

Is that a crow or a blackbird?  How can you tell the difference?

I thought the day was going to be a great success because one of the top two journals sold before I even finished setting up my booth, and within 15 minutes, I had also sold two of my flannel travel neck pillows.  However, it turns out that the event wasn't publicized at all (!?!) and hardly anyone even passed by.  Oh well.  It was a free event for me, so I came out with a profit, and I still have plenty of inventory for THIS WEEKEND'S event, which I KNOW has been publicized extensively.  Live and learn!

A friend caught a photo of me setting up my Scrabble Tile earring (while WEARING a pair, of course!)