Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Quilter's Kitchen

Tonight, there was no karate, no cub scouts, nothing! So I stopped at the library on the way home from work to let Jason pick out some more chapter books for himself, and to see if there was any quilting fiction at the library that I hadn't read yet. Lo and behold, there was! I picked up The Quilter's Kitchen by Jennifer Chiaverini

and The Healing Quilt by Lauraine Snelling.
I decided to start with The Quilter's Kitchen since it is such a short little story, really more recipes than stories. I sat down to read it while I drank a cup of tea (my version of heaven on earth!) while Jason sat down to do his homework.

One part of his homework was to read a story in his Reader, Hedgehog Bakes A Cake. At the end of the story, there is a recipe for Hedgehog's Yellow Cake. He brought it over to me and asked if he could make it. How funny that we were both reading stories with recipes in them! It looked pretty simple, so I told him to tie on an apron (don't you just LOVE wearing aprons? I think they are the best!) and we got to work. Or, I should say, he got to work, and I supervised and took pictures.

Less than an hour later...YUM!
My kids are so much fun! And now that I have finished the first book, I'm going to make another cup of tea and get started on the second. With another piece of that yummy cake, of course!