Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finding a home for the orphans

Friday night, the boys and I sat outside under the stars at the drive-in movie. While there, I saw a couple spread a quilt on the ground, and it took all my willpower to not go over and investigate (they looked pretty lovey-dovey to me, and I didn't want to interrupt). But I admit, I was envious. I want a quilt for the drive-in, for picnics, for sunbathing, or whatever I do outside. But it takes so long for me to make a quilt, not only do I not have any quilts to spare for that purpose, but once I've completed one, I'm not sure I want it used in that way.

But yesterday, when I went down to my sewing studio, a light bulb went on! What about all those orphan blocks I just got from auction?

Those would make a perfect outdoor quilt - it would go together quickly, and I wouldn't feel so concerned about all the hours that went into each block when they got grass stains, or mustard stains, or any other type of stain. So, last night, I got started.

What fun! Putting a quilt together is always like a puzzle to me, but this is taking it a step farther. These blocks are all different sizes and colors and styles - how do I make them fit together? I decided not to worry about making them somehow "fit" aesthetically, I'm just trying to make them fit physically together. I've thrown in some of my own orphan blocks, too, some leftover from other projects, others UFOs that I know I will never finish.

I wish I had my camera so I could show you what I've come up with so far, but my husband is out of town and has the camera with him. I'm at least half way done, and feel certain that I will finish the top today. If I tie it, I could have it ready for the drive-in movie this coming Friday (Alice In Wonderland). But I really prefer to quilt it. Perhaps I could tie it, and then hand quilt it when I have time...

I also wish I had the camera because my kids are superheros today, Batman and Superman (no surprise there). Donald is wearing one of our many Batman costumes,but we seem to have lost our Superman costume. Jason stuffed slippers under his shirt on his shoulders for muscles, taped a homemade paper S emblem on his chest, and borrowed some red fabric from me for his cape. I love how my kids are so quick to improvise!

And, my last bit of news - Jason and I both tested for and received our Blue Belts in American Freestyle Karate yesterday. Ki-yah!