Friday, April 4, 2014

My first quilt on a treadle machine!

I bought a Franklin treadle machine at an auction years ago, and it has just been hanging out at my house waiting for a new belt, some oil and some TLC.  I brought it into the shop on Wednesday, and on Thursday, one of my instructors said, "Hey, want me to get that going for you?"

Well, YEAH!!

She reconnected the existing belt, showed me where to oil it, how the vibrating shuttle operates, and got me going.  I also have a 1929 Singer treadle here that she got going, too.  AWESOME!!!

Here I am playing with it yesterday:

Then, today, I put it up in my display window and started making a scrap quilt with it.  Genius!  I get to sew with wonderful natural light, PLUS I can see all the comings and goings on Main Street.  And you should have seen the people stopping to watch on the sidewalk (and then coming in to ask questions and shop)!  This is going to be FUN, FUN, FUN!  It is so mesmerizing to use, and the stitch is beautiful!  I'm telling myself that it also counts as exercise.  :)