Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where does the time go?

I swear I just posted on here, but in fact, it has been nearly a week. I need to post more often because so much happens between posts. Last Friday, my office went out for a team building kayaking excursion before we all started travel season. It was a perfect day for being outside on the water - you can read more about it and see photos here on my office's blog.

Then, after work, I put the final border on my Kitchen Sink quilt (aka Pick and Choose). I was so happy to have something to share at Show and Tell at the quilt guild meeting on Saturday morning. And it turns out nearly everyone in the guild had something to show - it was one of the biggest Show and Tell's we've ever had. I get so much inspiration from these wonderful, creative, talented women! And that's not all I get - one of the ladies brought in a bag of scraps, my version of winning the lottery. I was not greedy, and only took a few pieces, some just small snips or strips of fabric. Here's my take:

I couldn't stay for the workshop, making little baskets something like these that I made back in February,

because I had to go to the airport to fly down to Atlanta for a few days of work. My twin sister was down there at the same time visiting her college roommate - a fact that I was aware of but she wasn't. She was SO SURPRISED when I showed up out of the blue to join them for dinner and a comedy show. Here we are enjoying a frozen margarita - can you tell which one is me and which one is my twin?

I'm back in town for about a week before heading off to a national conference and then my trip to Costa Rica and Ecuador. For those of you who followed my last blog, remember that last year I found time to go to the equator. This year, I am hoping to find the time to take a trail ride on horseback up a volcano. After all, all work and no play makes Erin grumpy!

Before I leave, I hope to make some more progress with both the flannel juvenile quilt that I am hand quilting and my GGG quilt. Stay tuned for photos!