Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All caught up! (and giveaway)

The last time I wrote, it was Wednesday and I was in Ecuador, longing to be home. Well, I made it home Saturday afternoon, and spent an exhausting yet exhilarating 3 days there doing a cub scout campout and hosting 12 high school seniors from around the country. Now it is Wednesday again, and I'm writing from another hotel in West Virginia. At least this is a short trip - I'll be home Friday night and then I'll be done traveling for a while.

Travel season is a great time for me to work on embroidery. I am all caught up with my Birdie Stitches BOM - here are the last 3 blocks that I completed, all during travel season.

I'm so glad I discovered embroidery. I don't do anything fancy, but I'm becoming more adept and faster, and I enjoy doing it. I'm thinking of sketching out my own designs for a couple projects.

Do you embroider? If not, would you like some embroidery floss to give it a try? Or if so, can I interest you in some more floss to add to your stash? Our local hobby shop is going out of business, much to the dismay of my boys. The good news is that everything is 50% off, so when I was there with the boys this weekend, I picked up 15 flosses, 3 shades of 5 colors. It's not much, but I offer it to you, my readers. I already have more embroidery floss than I know what to do with, but I couldn't resist buying more, especially at such a great price! I'll see what else I can throw in to sweeten the pot.

Leave a comment by my bedtime on Sunday, October 16 and I'll pick a recipient of the floss on Monday.

***EDITED 10/13/11 to say that I picked up these goodies to add to the giveaway - some embroidery needles, some DMC floss holders, and 2 fat eighths of black and white butterfly fabrics that I picked up at a quilt shop in WV today.***

Since I'm caught up on those blocks, and since this was a driving trip, I brought my Pick and Choose quilt to work on (hand quilting). I hope I make some headway, but honestly, all I want to do is catch up on my sleep! I am so exhausted! But not too exhausted yesterday to sew a bit - I made another snap shut change purse with the metal tape measure I bought for that purpose. I love these cute little things. (tutorial by Wilma can be found here)

I use the one I made before to hold my cash, coins, ID and credit cards. When I pulled it out at work the other day, there were some requests to make more, so I am happily obliging! These will be my stocking stuffers this year as well. What are you making to give away at the holidays this year, anything quick and easy (that I might want to make as well)?