Monday, January 18, 2010

Not like me

I am not much of a planner. I usually get inspired to do something and then just do it, whether it is rearrange furniture or take a trip or make a quilt. But when it came time to quilt the borders of my Bright Idea quilt, I was feeling decidedly UN-inspired. So, I rationalized to myself, since this quilt is so angular, perhaps I should try some curved line quilting. But, if you know me, I don't like marking my quilts, so I thought I'd try some freehand curves. Here's the result -blurry, for some reason.

I hate it. So, I decided to try something else on another border.

Much better in my opinion. And it makes me giggle because that jagged zig-zag reminds me of Charlie Brown's shirt. At least, I think it is Charlie Brown that has the zig-zag across his shirt. Anyway, I'm on border two with this freehand design, and I'll be taking out the previous quilting, which is SO UNLIKE me. I despise un-sewing, and I'm a far cry from a perfectionist, so good enough is often OK for me in my quilting. But this curved quilting has got to go! I'll try again on another quilt - I'm determined to do freehand baptist fans on a quilt one of these days, inspired by Tanya Ricucci, do you know of her? Anyway, once the kids are in bed, I'm going to find a movie on TV and knock out some more quilting. Maybe even a 3rd row of zig zags, we'll see.

Oh, and guess what was waiting for me at work this morning, besides piles and piles of work?
A package of fabric from a woman I met last April at a work event in Atlanta who has quit quilting (people actually do that!?!). She sent me her books and scraps after we met, but apparently she was housecleaning at New Years (wait, people actually do that, too!?!) and came across some more fabric so she popped it in the mail to me, just out of the blue. Thank you, Lisa! People's generosity astounds me! I hope people are also being generous towards those who are suffering in Haiti right now. I can't even conceive of what they are going through.

Don't want to end on a sad note, so here's a photo of my little Mr. Fix-it.
He's very handy. I may hire him out. He will work for apples (quartered and with the seeds cut out), or blueberries, or sometimes Cheez-its.