Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Night Owl

It makes no sense.  I'm usually ready for bed by 10 PM.  Sit me in front of a TV screen with nothing in my hands, and I guarantee I won't know how the movie or show ends because I'll be fast asleep.  But set me loose in my sewing room, and I'll look up and discover it is the middle of the night and I'm still going strong.

Today was my first day of sewing after two weeks on the road.  What a treat to just play with fabric after two weeks of constant travel - sleeping in 10 different cities!

I assembled four more pinwheel blocks for my Good Fortune quilt (no photos) as a leader-ender as I worked on pressing, cutting and sewing strips for the Sew Many Strips APQ Quiltalong.  There's a lot of orange in there because I started by cutting up scraps from my Good Fortune quilt.  Once I get more pieces cut and sewn, I'll dilute that orange a bit.

I'm not so good at following directions, so I've jumped around a bit in the quiltalong, sewing together one of the corner border blocks.

This quilt could also be called Sew Many Seams!  With all these little pieces, this is not going to be one I'm going to want to hand quilt!

I'm linking up with Monday Making and Oh Scrap!