Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good den leader...bad mother?

The kids did a great job coloring their quilt blocks yesterday, and I was proud of myself for putting them right together when I got home last night. I still need to sew on the borders, and sandwich it so we can tie it at our meeting next Monday, but I don't anticipate having trouble doing that. I think the quilt is going to be a hit at the Blue and Gold Ceremony in February.

But meanwhile, back at the ranch, my youngest is having trouble in school. It's just kindergarten, I know, but I think the foundation for building lifelong learners is created at a young age. It seems to have sunk in with Jason, but Donald is another story altogether. Jason loves going to school; Donald claims to hate it. Jason enjoys doing homework; homework reduces Donald to tears. Jason has always been a teacher's pet, never getting into trouble; I got another exasperated note from Donald's teacher today letting me know that another day like today and he won't be able to accompany his class on their next field trip. What am I doing wrong??? I hug and kiss him and tell him that I love him every day. We read books together before bed every night. We play games together, go on adventures together, and I include him in projects around the house like baking and cleaning. How did I end up being "that mom" with "that kid"? I know it is a giant leap from kindergarten class clown to juvenile delinquent, but my mind can't help but travel in that direction. I'm so frustrated and flummoxed. Anyone been there? Anyone still willing to associate with "that mom" and give me some advice?