Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shoo Fly Breeze?

Remember this quilt I started back in 2012 based on a photo I'd seen of Melissa Corry's Summer Breeze quilt?

Remember all the trouble I had figuring out the pattern so I went ahead and bought the pattern?  Well, someone's having a baby, so I dug through my UFOs to see what was close enough to whip together quickly.  This one won, even though I had to rip out some seams to fix some glaring mistakes (I left the little mistakes in there).
It measures 39" square (ish)

Man, I love this quilt!  Even with just seven fabrics, it makes me happy.  But now that I look at the pattern that I bought, the dimensions are not the same and my setting is different, so it isn't really a Summer Breeze quilt, just one inspired by it.  What to call it?  Shoo Fly Breeze is all that comes to mind, but that's not really an ideal name for a baby quilt.  Any ideas out there?