Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who inspires you?

Lately, I've been getting lots of inspiration from Beth at Love Laugh Quilt. Thanks again, Em, for pointing me her way. First, there were the house blocks for her Friendly Neighborhood. Then yesterday, as I contemplated how to make my final 12.5" block out of my GGG fabrics, I remembered a Spiral Log Cabin I had seen on her blog. Perfect! So, now all four of my 12.5" blocks are ready for quilting. I sandwiched and basted these three last night so I will have some hand work to take with me to my mother-in-law's house for Thanksgiving.

My goal (here I go again with the goals!) is to have them quilted by the time I get home on Friday night. Angela tells me that the custom frames are nearly ready for shipment, so hopefully I can put the blocks in them next weekend and then they are done and ready for gifting.

I've been making good progress quilting the GGG quilt. I'm sad to leave it behind for 4 days, but next weekend, I'd love to just sit and quilt on it for hours.

My goal is to have it quilting by December 1, so I can start quilting another project - Donald's quilt. I made some progress sewing his borders together last night, and putting his whole top together shouldn't take more than a couple of hours more.

And finally, there was squishy mail waiting for me when I got home yesterday! I showed you most of the end-of-bolt fabrics I bought from Above All Fabrics - here are the three for which I couldn't find a photo. Aren't they yummy!

I'm so proud of myself for buying some COLOR! I'm gonna have to make something for ME; I'm thinking maybe a Mug Rug since I do enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Which reminds me, I am cold and my coffee cup is empty - time to get my daily dose of hot caffeine.