Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do fish have testosterone?

On the way home from vacation, we stopped at my in-laws where my boys became the proud new owners of 2 Betta Fish Kits. Their first words each morning since have been, "Are we getting fish today?" They are good boys - I couldn't say no. Off to the pet store we went. All you can get there are male Bettas. And they can't be put together or they will kill each other. Great. A husband, two sons, two tomcats, a male puppy, a father-in-law for half the year, and now killer fish. I need a little girl to balance out all the testosterone in my house. But look at the grins on my boys' faces. I am sure the fish will be worth it. (While previewing my post, I just noticed the title of the book laying sideways on the bookshelf. How appropriate! I'll have to check it out...)

It is hard to photograph fish. Here is Colorful, Jason's fish.

And here is Mr. Red Red, Donald's fish.

Would it be insensitive of me to grill tilapia for dinner? I guess it is chicken, AGAIN!