Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quilting with clay and paper

Yesterday I attended a high school graduation party for my neighbor.  On a table filled with pictures of the beautiful graduate, there was also this:

Isn't it wonderful?  She made it out of clay in 5th grade, and won first prize in an art contest with it.  If I were the judge, I guarantee I'd have voted for it, and I haven't even seen the other 5th graders' work!  I love it!

But that wasn't all the quilty goodness to be had at that party!  For her graduation present, her mom made a signature quilt for her. 

I've never seen this paper-pieced block before, but isn't it neat?  Does anyone else see little spread-eagle people standing head to head and foot to foot when they see this? (granted, the people SHARE a head...) 

And her piecing is so PRECISE!  I know that is the whole point of paper piecing, but when I do it, my seams still never really line up.  The top left corner features her kindergarten (or is it first grade?) photo, and the bottom right hand corner features her senior picture.  It is signed by all her classmates (there were only 14 of them) AND by every teacher she's ever had.  What a keepsake!

What talented neighbors I have!