Sunday, November 22, 2009

We won!

Last night's game went MUCH better, and we are heading home with a win. The kids and I are still in the hotel - I wasn't about to drive home 7 hours in the dark, and besides, we haven't taken full advantage of the pool yet. Once our breakfast is digested, we'll be back in the clorinated water for the third time. So I had a few minutes to catch up on blogs. I was reading blogs for hours last night - I am so behind. But look what I have found!

This winter giveaway with flavored coffees, fun socks AND flannels from Thistledown and Co.

A Thanksgiving Giveaway from the Faithful Quilter

A conglomeration of fun stuff including batik fat quarters from SewCalGal

Truly, I won't just be posting giveaways, but what else is a gal to do from a hotel room? Home tonight, and only 2 days of work this week. I hope to get some stitching done soon.