Saturday, March 23, 2013


Why do I always feel like I am disclosing on here what I DIDN'T get done? (sigh)

So, I didn't get the 2nd baby quilt top put together yet, although I did get all the Indian Hatchet blocks pieced.

I REALLY wish I had enough blue/gray fabric for one more block because this is one quilt I think I would really like to be square (8 x 8), but since I used every scrap of that fabric already, it will remain a rectangle (7 x 9).  Or perhaps I make it 7 x 8...or maybe I move the "center" further down...we'll see once I start sewing it together.

And I am forcing myself to sew these blocks together before I tackle this tempting pile of BONUS TRIANGLES!  There is a mini quilt in here just screaming to be made!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!