Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The absolute best!

Yup, that's what you guys are - the absolute best! Thanks for all your encouragement and support. We had a snow day today, so Donald didn't have a chance to redeem himself at school, but we've done a lot of talking and he has had consequences today, and I am hopeful that he will start to understand how important it is for him to do the right thing, if not all the time, then as much as possible.

I worked entirely too much today, but tomorrow is also a snow day, and I'm going to be more disciplined about stopping work when my usual work day is over - that's the problem when I work from home, I tend to overcompensate and work more than I would if I were at the office. But for now, the kids are in bed...wait, I hear voices...what are they up to?
(tiptoes up the stairs to find...)

"I'm teaching him how to play chess, Mom!" OK, let them stay up, there's no school tomorrow, after all.

So now, I'm in bed with my laptop and my new little notebook ready to catch up on some blogs! Check it out - Jason wanted a journal (NOT a diary, mind you!) and while shopping for him, I picked up this little notebook that fits in my purse and has GRAPH PAPER in it! (not to mention a hot car on the cover! I'm sure it was never meant to hold quilt ideas, but unconventional is my middle name.)

I don't know about you, but I have a million little scraps of paper with sketches of quilt block ideas from when I'm looking at blogs or perusing magazines at the library or whatever I'm doing when inspiration strikes. With this little notebook, I can keep all those ideas in one place and be ready to sketch any time, any place!