Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Orphan Quilt Blocks Adoption Lottery Results

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in my quilty adoption projects.  You have really helped me clear out some projects that don't speak to me so there is more space and time for projects that do.

I interrupted my son's Spring Break plans to have him pull names from my favorite bowl.
 The winners are:

A: Carole W
B: Cheryl
C: Lisa Marie
D: Lisa C
E: Anita

I'll be emailing each of you for your mailing address and I'll get these into the mail right away.  Happy sewing, all!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Endings

While preparing for the Quilty Orphan Adoption Event, I pulled out a set of 21 blue rail fence blocks that had been donated to me years ago.  No two blocks were the same size.  None of the blocks had been squared up, but some had been sewn together anyway.  In my eyes, it was a wonky disaster, and I was prepared to toss it.  My mom, however, who was here helping me out, saw past the imprecise construction and saw the quilt it could be.  At her urging, I separated the blocks that had already been sewn together, squared them all up to the same size (ignoring the uneven seams within the blocks), and sewed them back together again.  The resulting 44" x 55" top was better than I expected,

but my mom wanted borders, so I dug into my stash to find fabrics that would work.

I didn't have enough of the dark blue, so I pieced similarly dark blue scraps to make two of the sides, which, of course, made my scrappy heart happy.  So, in one day, this project went from "headed to the circular file" to a finished quilt top which I will teach my mom to tie.  The final quilt is 65" x 76".  I completely busted 5 fabrics out of my stash to make the borders.  I love happy endings!

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quilty Orphans Up For Adoption!!

Cynthia from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework is hosting a Quilty Orphan Adoption Event, and just in time for me and my spring equinox scrap purge deadline.  I have pulled out 5 sets of blocks that I know I'll never do anything with, hoping that someone out there in the blogosphere will be inspired to give them a new home and pull them together into a completed project.

If you live in the US (so sorry international friends!) and are interested in adopting a project(s) below (A thru E), please leave a comment by 9 AM EST on Tuesday, March 22 letting me know which project(s) interests you and your email address.  If more than one person is interested in adopting a project, I will have my kids pull a name from a hat.  There is no cost to adopt - I will ship the project to you free of charge.  There are no stipulations on how the project is used - make something for charity or for yourself or for someone else. My goal is to mail all projects by the end of the day on Tuesday, March 22 - I'm motivated to move things out of my space.

OK, here goes:

A:  Bountiful Blessings by Laurel Burch HSTs & scraps

These 14 4.5" HSTs along with 22 5" squares and assorted scraps up to fat quarter size were included in some fabric that was gifted to me.  I love the fabric, but I know I'll never use it - it isn't scrappy enough for me.

B: Block Lotto Steps Variation Blocks

I won these 9.5" x 6.5" Steps Variation blocks in Block Lotto in March 2014.  Unfortunately, it was probably my least favorite block that we made that year, so the winnings didn't excite me.  I've struggled to come up with a setting that pleases me.  I made about 9 of these blocks, but the rest were made by others, and you know what that means - there is some variation in size and precision of construction.

C: Neutral Strings Blocks

I don't know what these blocks are called - these, too, were included in a fabric donation.  There are 57 of these 5.5" string blocks, mostly creams/beiges and browns with some greens and reds.  None of the blocks have been trimmed.

D: Orange and Blue Sports Friendship Star Blocks

These 10 blocks and fabrics were donated to me as well - I get A LOT of donations.  I thought I might do something with this since I have two sports loving boys, but it has been YEARS and I haven't touched it, so it has to go.  The squares are 12" and there are scraps of both the orange and the blue, but not the white.

E: Blue and Red Indian Hatchet Blocks

This was one of my earliest quilting projects, thinking I'd make a simple quilt for my son.  Early on I realized I lose interest quickly if there aren't enough different fabrics involved, so this has languished for over a decade, I think.  There are 29 5.5" blocks and a 64" x WOF chunk of that blue basketball fabric.

I'm linking up with Cynthia's post - check it out for other adoption opportunities!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Where to start??

Look what arrived in the mail today!!!  I love it when I preorder something and it just shows up out of the blue one day.  Such a treat!

I opened it up and read it cover to cover.  I've been saving selvages for eons - it just speaks to the scrap quilter in me.  I've even made a couple of small selvage projects.  But now I am energized and really want to get started sewing with selvages in earnest!

Where to start?  I think this valance would look really cute above the fabric section in my shop, never mind that there's no window there.

Or I could whip up a couple of these adorable pincushions in no time flat.

Of course, the goal is to complete a selvage quilt to cuddle under.  All in good time.

I'm so happy for Riel.  This book is wonderful - colorful, inspiring, entertaining (if you read it, don't skip the Afterword!) - and I have been loving her selvage quilts for years now.  For that matter, I also loved her novel, The Town That Drowned, which I also preordered when it was first released.  Such talent and creativity - I think I may have a "girl crush"!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Flying Right Along!

I FINALLY pieced a back for my niece's log cabin quilt.  I don't know what my problem is - I will put a million pieces together to make a quilt top, but if my backing fabric isn't big enough, I screech to a halt at the thought of piecing a backing.  However, my sister is coming for a visit at the beginning of April with my niece and nephew, and I'd love to send my niece's quilt home with them.  I got the back pieced and the quilt sandwiched in about an hour and a half, and have spent several hours hand quilting it so far.
The front of little Cecelia's quilt
The pieced back of Cecelia's quilt - happy to report that I completely used up those scraps in the back!
I've also now received all of my Block Lotto winnings from January, so it is time to PLAY with layout.  I am determined to get these sewn into a top SOONER rather than later - I love them!  I think I'm going to make a few more blocks, though...

And look what I picked up at an auction earlier this week!  I spied this cute little wooden sewing box, which, in reality, isn't in the best shape, but when I opened it up and saw all the wooden spools, I just HAD to have it!

Life is good.

The sun is shining, and the temps are mild.

I have finished reading application files for the season, so my free time is back to being my free time.

My mom is here for a visit.

Lots of fun things are happening at my shop.

Life is GOOD!

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