Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowbound, yet again

What do you do when you are snowbound for three days?

Watch movies - I watched a Tyler Perry movie I've never seen, plus two more Rosemary & Thyme episodes. I'd never heard of Rosemary & Thyme until two weeks ago, but now I am hooked. They are two middle-aged women with a gardening business in the UK who also find themselves solving crimes wherever they go. I love the dynamics of their relationship, their dry humor, their vulnerabilities. And a must for me is color, and there is lots of vivid color in these shows. Which makes me wonder...I thought it rains all the time in the UK. It certainly did when I spent a few months there back in '96. Yet, I've only ever seen in rain once in about 5 episodes. But that is besides the point - I love this show.

Quilt - I wanted to get my Bright Ideas Quilt completely quilted this weekend, but I'm not convinced it is going to happen. I've certainly made quite a bit of progress, though. I also spent a few minutes in the quilting studio last night, sewing together one row of my ribbon quilt and cutting a few of the extra pieces I'll need to put an additional row all the way around.

Clean - I abhor cleaning, but I just couldn't take the bathrooms anymore. There are 4 of them - ugh! When will my boys master their aim?

Cook - I LOVE to eat. Cooking is another matter altogether. Thank goodness for my slow cooker. On Friday, I made a big, delicious pot of 15-bean soup with smoked sausage. I don't make it very often; so infrequently, in fact, that I forget how potent 15 beans can be. I'm so glad my husband has a sense of humor. I just wish he had eaten some, too, so I wouldn't have been the only one embarrassing herself. :)

Play - The kids have gone outside for some snow adventures every day, and I have satisfied myself with watching through the window. However, I have been a princess and a bad guy (not at the same time) during some raucous indoor games. I was also featured in two masterpiece paintings. In the first, Jason painted me in my quilt studio:

(Do you see all the colors on my chair? He painted my newly covered chair. My sewing machine is white, but he painted it red here, so it would show up. And behind it, one of my quilt frames, conspicuously empty. I want to put a quilt in there to work on, but I'm afraid I'll get distracted from my Bright Ideas quilt, so I am waiting until that quilt is done before I load up the frame. And no, I don't have a chandelier in my quilt studio. I think that is what they call "artistic license.")

Donald painted a picture of the family outside by the tree with the swing. I'm the yellow one.

Oh, and I did lots and lots of work. One of these days, I want to have a job that does not infringe upon weekends, evenings, snow days or any other family time, a job that stays neatly within the confines of my work space and waits patiently for me until I return to the office. Do those types of jobs exist?

Anyway, I have one last day at home. I'm going to try to knock out some more work while the kids are still slumbering, and then make the most of these last few hours. Tomorrow is the beginning of another 12-day straight work stint. Ugh, ugh, ugh!!!