Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Squishy mail!

No matter where I go for vacation or whom I am with, I always love coming home. As much as I like adventure and change and new places/people/things, I am a homebody. Even when greeted with a horrendous smell of food gone bad and faced with the onerous task of cleaning out the fridge before bed after driving all day, I was thrilled to come back to my little piece of the world on Sunday night. But it was made even better when I checked the mail and found 3 squishy packages!

The first was the fabric I ordered from This-n-that Fabrics (Oh, how I hope I win the Singer Featherweight, but regardless, the prices couldn't be beat!). Then there was the ducky fabric from Trina to hopefully help me finish off that Rubber Ducky UFO. And finally, there were 2 6" purple fabric squares for a Purple Charm quilt QUILT TREE that a friend of mine sent me.

***Hey, does anyone want in on this QUILT TREE? It involves sending two 6" purple fabric squares to 7 quilters, 3 who will already be listed and 4 more of your choosing. Supoosedly, you'll end up with enough purple squares to make a quilt. Let me know and I'll pop some in the mail to you.***

I'm trying to maintain the momentum I gained exercising with my sister (have I mentioned yet how in awe of her I am? I am gasping after running a mile, and she has run a MARATHON!!!). I went for a 2.8 mile run yesterday morning before work. Let's just say that it was much harder and much less fun running alone. Needless to say, I didn't quite run the whole way, but hey, walking works, right?

The County Fair and quilt show is next week. Jason and I need to get moving and get our quilts done. Nothing like a deadline to motivate me. Gotta get going. But I'll leave you with a photo from vacation, me and my boys (and the back of my sister's oldest son).