Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Cause I'm stubborn like that

While visiting some Sew Mama Sew giveaways today, I came across a quilt pattern that I just loved, Summer Breeze by Melissa Corry.  Isn't it lovely?

"I can make that," I said to myself.  So when I got home, instead of hand quilting my Good Fortune Lil Twister (which needs to be done by June 2 for the baby shower, mind you), I pulled out some fabrics and set about making one for myself.  And quickly discovered why people buy patterns where the designer has already done the math.  I couldn't get one part of the blocks to line up for the life of me!

I ripped out seam after seam, and still couldn't get things to line up.

I cussed and nearly cried, but the seams still wouldn't line up.

I grit my teeth and vowed to figure this out - but so far, no luck.

If I know me, I will try again tomorrow, and possibly the next day, too. And eventually I'll have a whole quilt worth of imperfect blocks.

But even if I do figure it out, I'm going to buy the pattern from Ms. Corry - she is a better woman than I am figuring out how to make this lovely quilt.