Monday, February 1, 2016

Another day in paradise (aka the sewing room)

What a difference having an organized sewing room makes!  I've been down there more this past month than the past year combined!!  Today, I worked on my February Block Lotto blocks, Snails Trails,
These 6" blocks had to use brown and a light or low volume print.  I hope to make 5 more before month's end. 
as well as a house block for the 2016 Neighborhood Block Party.
This is a 12.5" block, based on a photo of a house block I saw online.
And then, of course, I've been cutting and cutting and cutting my scraps.  I swear, it doesn't seem like the scrap pile is getting any smaller, even though my precut bins are filling up.  I've got 7 weeks to get my scraps under control and then whatever is left untamed must go!