Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday morning ramblings

I woke up to find that my clock and my phone displayed different times - Daylight Saving Time, it is finally here! I feel like I have been handed a beautiful gift, one hour of time! I decided to use that time to try to catch up on blogs, since I have read very few in the last few weeks. I'm glad I did - do you know about the awesome giveaway at Canton Village Quilt Works? I want to win this:

Halloween was great! We have to drive into town to find a neighborhood to trick-or-treat in since we live in such a remote location. We tried a new neighborhood this year, one that was less crowded and more spread out than our usual route, but extremely friendly and fun. We also stopped by Mamanance/Nancy's house because she mentioned earlier that she probably wouldn't receive any trick-or-treaters. We can't have that now, can we?

Both of my children cracked me up last night. At one house, we arrived as one woman was running out of candy. She said, "Well, I guess you guys get the last of the candy." My 7-year-old, Jason, said, "Oh, would you like some of my candy so you can give it to the other kids who come later?" Needless to say, the woman was quite surprised and pleased with my little one. So was I. Compassion and generosity are good traits to have, in my book.

Later, about halfway around the neighborhood, my 4-year-old, Donald, got tired of walking and talking to strangers and he just wanted to get in the car and eat some candy. As people tried to give him more candy, he kept saying, "No thanks, I have enough candy." Meanwhile, I'm behind him thinking, "No! Get more so you can share with your Mommy!"