Saturday, August 7, 2010

Me and my bright ideas

We were at the city pool on Friday afternoon, cooling off from a scorcher of a day and relaxing from a doozy of a week, when one of Jason's friends and his mom arrived. One thing led to another, and all of a sudden I am heading home with one extra child and plans to go to the drive-in movies and a sleepover. I love the spontaneity of summer!

My Drive-In Movie quilt was christened with popcorn and sno-cones - it is officially a quilt now!

Today was school supply shopping day. It turns out it is twice as expensive to buy supplies for kindergarten than for 3rd grade - what is up with that? But the kids are excited for school to start, and that makes me happy. I always loved school as a kid, and I hope my kids continue to enjoy it. While shopping, we made an impulse purchase.

The plan was for us to all end up blond. Instead, we look like carrot-tops, but that's OK, it was fun. I'm sure it will raise some eyebrows at work, but whatever.

Since it was an absolutely beautiful day, I did lots of laundry so I could spend lots of time outside hanging up the clothes, one of my favorite chores. But I also spent quite a bit of time inside, cleaning, but also sewing. I've been wanting to make a Christmas Tree Skirt for quite a while. Usually, when Christmas comes, I swirl some white fabric around the base of the tree and call it good, but when I see everyone else's neat tree skirts I think to myself, "I could do that!" So, I finally got started.
I used this tree skirt by Jen/Cre8tive Quilter as a model, but I had to tweak it some since I didn't have the ruler she had, and I really didn't want to have to sew 40 wedges together. Instead, I used my Dresden Plate ruler in conjunction with a 6"x24" ruler, and ended up with only 16 wedges.

I LOVE IT! It is about 36" in diameter, pretty small, but then, I usually get pretty small trees. Tomorrow, I plan to birth it, and then work on hand quilting it. Perhaps I could have it done for Show and Tell at the quilt guild meeting next Saturday...we'll see.

Here's hoping my Sunday is as perfect as my Saturday!