Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's that time of year!

You know the time of year to which I am refering, right? The time when you are spending half of your waking hours in waiting rooms as your children visit every doctor imaginable to prepare for the school year? Earlier it was the pediatrician. Yesterday it was the eye doctor. Thursday it will be the audiologist. Next Monday it will be the dentist. My kids were picking up on how ridiculous this is, and starting asking me silly questions in the car.

Is there a foot doctor? - Yes, actually. A foot doctor is called a podiatrist. (they thought that was funny)

Is there a nose doctor? - Yup, there's one of those, too, called an ENT because they look at your ears, nose and throat all together since they are all connected. (they thought that was hilarious, which, according to my children, is one level funnier than funny)

Is there a BUTT doctor? - I didn't even get an answer out because they were howling with laughter - just the thought was hysterical, which, of course, is one level funnier than hilarious.

The good part about all the doctor visits is all the hand work I get done while waiting. I finished the July Birdie Stitches BOM today, with my own modications, of course:

The bad part is that there is so much running around that personal hygiene takes a back seat. Donald was talking to me a mile a minute today while we walked in the door, and I opened the door for him and held it open with my arm raised high for him to walk under it. Both he and his mouth stopped in mid-stride so he could exclaim, "Mom! I didn't know you had UNDERARM hair!?!" Great, just great. I'm sure this will come up again in the line at the grocery store or when he is doing show and tell at school or at the office Christmas party.

When I got home from work today, the only day I am going in to the office this week (woo hoo!!!), there was squishy mail waiting for me. Thanks, Linda, for my Let's Bee Together Bee Block! I love it!

Now, with all this time off of work, I'm planning some fun activities with the kids to take advantage of the remainder of their summer vacation, but I also need to quilt that Pick and Choose Quilt! Keep me on task, will you?