Monday, October 24, 2016


I have two design walls, but all my photos lately have been taken on the floor!  Time to clear up room on the design wall!  Rather than pull things off and put them with my other UFOs,
My smaller design wall has had these left over comfort quilt blocks on it since June!
I took the time to FINISH something!  Woo hoo!
I think I should have switched the yellow and green blocks in the lower right corner.  Is it worth unstitching?
What on earth took me so long?  I love this quilt top!  At 50" square, it seems a good size for a new baby.  Hmmm...who do I know who is pregnant?

I'm linking up with Monday Making and Oh Scrap!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Bored silly with my shadow quilt

I know that I really wanted to make a shadow quilt, but man! Working with just 3 fabrics is WAY out of my scrappy comfort zone.  Despite the fact that this quilt is small - just 33.75" x 48.5" - it took me much longer to finish it than it should because it just bored me.  Don't get me wrong, I like it, I just didn't like making it.
I put the seed packet panels in alphabetical order, or so I thought.  One is out of order, and I took it out and put it in wrong AGAIN!  Oh well, that's where it is meant to stay, I guess.
I imagine I'm not going to much enjoy quilting it either, so this will get done on the machine rather than by hand so I can get it done and move on to something else.

To keep me going while I finished this quilt off today, I started a new scrappy project.  When I peruse quilt images online during my lunch break at work, I keep finding myself drawn to this quilt:
Image credit
I've never made a strippy quilt before, so I thought, why not?  I pulled out 5" squares and made 4-patches, then cut some white 5" squares in half diagonally to make the setting squares.
You know the method of making 4-patches by sewing down two opposite sides of 2 RST squares, cutting in the middle, rotating RST, and sewing down two opposite sides again?  LOVE IT!  Especially the fact that it gives you TWO 4-patches!
This is much more my speed!  I hope to make significant progress on this quilt top this weekend.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Plotting and scheming

I haven't been sewing much, because I've been sucked into the wonderful world of online quilt stalking.  Oh, the beauties I have found!

I want to make one of these like Sew Katie Did.
Photo credit:
I saw a partial photo in a magazine of a quilt called Scrap Tease, so I went online to see a whole quilt, and fell in love with this version.  I would gladly tackle partial seams to make this!
Photo credit:
Forget sleep - I want to go down to the sewing room to start this fun quilt RIGHT NOW!

Photo credit:

Did I miss this Dear Daughter quilt-a-long because I only have sons?  No matter - I'm tempted to buy the pattern and make it anyway!
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Ack!  Gotta get off the computer and get into the sewing room!