Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sew Many Strips is no joke!

I sewed for hours this weekend!  I pressed and cut and sewed and then did it all over again.  I can't believe this is all I have to show for it on the design wall!
My design wall is only big enough to put up one quarter of the quilt at a time, so that is how I am building it.
Granted, I do have a bunch of twosies sewn together, waiting to become four-patches, as well as some longer units sewn for the borders, but sheesh!  When they named this quilt Sew Many Strips, they weren't joking! 

Of course, I love quilts with lots of little pieces (these strips measure 1" x 2" finished in the quilt) so I'm not really complaining.  But I am super impressed with the folks who have already finished this APQQuiltalong

I'm linking up with Monday Making and Oh Scrap!