Saturday, November 3, 2012

The blocks are coming!

Man, you guys are FAST!!  Many blocks are already in the mail, on their way to me.  Thanks so much!  This project is getting much bigger than I initially considered, and I am THRILLED!!!  Keep them coming!  There are more people suffering from Hurricane Sandy than we can help, but I'm game to help as many as we can!

Just a note, if you are a no-reply commenter, I can't send you my mailing address.  If you haven't heard from me, that is why - I have already emailed everyone that I could get in touch with, and have tracked some people down through blogs.  If you are or if you know any of the following commenters, would you please let them know I can't reach them?  I can be emailed at, and I'll get my mailing address out to you all.


Again, thanks so much!  Look at what is on its way already!

Thank you, Becki in PA!
Thank you, Char in PA!
(And if you want to make it so that you are no longer a no-reply commenter, there are many tutorials out there.  One I just found is at