Saturday, December 29, 2012

Act quickly - support a quilting DREAM!

I'm a dreamer.  I can make long drives much shorter by spending my time fantasizing - about the house I'm going to design and build, about the business I'm going to start, about the novel I'm going to write, about the quilt I'm going to make. And sometimes, I even actually act on those dreams.

I stumbled across another dreamer today while finally getting back to reading blogs.  I've never met or even heard of this dreamer, Kerry Wilkinson, but she is actually acting upon her dream to bring a modern quilting magazine, Fabricate, to the UK.

Now, I don't live in the UK, but I think we dreamers need to stick together and support each other, just as we quilters stick together and support each other.  I hope you will take a peek at her dream and and scrounge up a dollar or more to support her.

Here's the catch, though - you've got to act quickly.  As of this writing, she only has 65 hours left to fund her dream, one dollar at a time, from people like you and me.  It is quick and easy (I LOVE PAYPAL), and as a fixed funding campaign, if she doesn't reach her funding goal, all our donations are refunded to us.  But I don't want my money back; let's show her the power of the internet and the overwhelming support of quilters and help her reach her goal!

Here's the link to help her out:

Oh, and if you blog about her project, even if you can't afford to donate to her project, you are entered into a drawing for $25 gift voucher for Pink Chalk Fabrics.  Even if I weren't excited about this opportunity to help out a fellow quilter, this possibility would get me blogging right away!  Let's DO THIS!