Monday, March 7, 2011

I machine quilted a quilt!

I just can't stop grinning! I did it! I machine quilted a quilt!

I haven't buried the threads yet and the binding isn't on yet, but Donald is upstairs sleeping under his very own quilt tonight. He's thrilled because his brother has had a quilt from me for years and its his turn. I'm thrilled because I slapped on the walking foot and machine quilted the whole thing in two sessions at the sewing machine. How novel to have a quilt quilted in just a few days instead of the couple of months it takes me when I do it by hand! I won't be abandoning hand quilting because I love the process and how it looks, but I'm excited to add this new technique into my repertoire. Granted, I'm not showing you any close-ups because it isn't all that well done, but I'm happy!

I'm also happy because all my hard work is finally coming to fruition - 180 students are arriving tomorrow to spend 3 days on campus to compete for 44 full scholarships. I've been working my tush off, but today, instead of being stressed, I left work on time and without my laptop because I AM READY. Bring 'em on!

The next two days will be long ones, so I pampered myself a bit this weekend...

I'll be pampering myself again next weekend if I can - a pot of tea, a good book, a cozy quilt and the recliner. It's a date!