Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've just gotta say...


I've been feeling a bit crummy lately as a couple things haven't quite gone according to plan. Sometimes I start to doubt myself and my abilities. For example, last night, I led the Cub Scout Den Meeting. I knew I was going to be doing it because my friend/co-den leader still needs some time after her loss. But, rather than prepare this weekend, I sewed. So, on Monday, after work, I was rushing around trying to make copies and pull everything together. In my haste, I left my bag at home. We were supposed to learn about flags, how to respect and display a flag, how to fold a flag, and then each scout would get a little flag to take home. Guess what was in the bag I left at home? You got it - the FLAGS!

So, since our meetings are at the gym at the university where I work, I went down to the trainer's office to get band-aids, and instead we did the Staying Healthy section - we talked about how to stay healthy, made a healthy habits chart to keep track of some of the healthy things we do before the next meeting, and practiced basic first aid - namely, what to do with a cut. I suppose it all worked out in the end, but I was so angry with myself for not being prepared and leading what I am sure seemed like a disorganized meeting.

I went home and got online. And there you all were! First, with all the positive encouragement, not only about my quilts, but about my life. And then, the way you guys go above and beyond for someone you've never even met. I mentioned someone had suggested building out the stars and adding an inner border on my Scrappy Stars quilt. At the time, I was too lazy to go back and see exactly WHO had made that recommendation. Well, it was Bonnie, who also not only made a suggestion about how to deal with my corners, but even sent me a diagram of how to do it. I'm one of those uber-emotional people who wears their feelings pinned to the front of their shirt for all to see, so this actually made me tear up. Thank you, Bonnie! And all the rest of you, too, for all the little things that you do that make my day everytime I log in.