Thursday, November 18, 2010

I may need to reinstitute that NO-BUY policy...

I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, going about the business of college admissions, when I received an email from Above All Fabrics about their End of Bolt sale. I innocently clicked the link provided to see what ugly fabrics were left on the bolt that they were trying to unload.

Unfortunately, the fabric WASN'T ugly, and, of their own volition, my fingers started scrolling down the page and clicking ADD TO CART, over and over and over again. In mere seconds, I found myself with a full shopping cart! How did that happen!?! I don't need to buy new fabric! But I was good and culled back my 26 choices to a mere 11 fabrics: Freebird Garden Vanilla
Flower Shower
Amy Butler Daisy Chain Water Garden Forest Water Garden Forest
Play Lolli Dot Play Lolli Dot
Clematis Natural Natural Clematis
Citrus Clown Stripe Citrus Clown Stripe
paisley willow Charisma Paisley
Cedar IronworkCedar Ironwork

I couldn't find photos of all of them to link to, but rest assured I'll show you photos when they arrive. Aaahhh, squishy mail!