Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bright sunshine-y day!

I had a bright sunshine-y day DESPITE the rain that poured down in West Virginia today. First of all, West Virginia is so beautiful that even the rain can't spoil the awe I feel when driving around the state. Secondly, I was quite popular at all of my school visits today; I hate going to a school and having no one to talk to, but that hasn't been an issue anywhere this year (knock on wood). And thirdly, and most importantly, this was the day that I finally got to meet a 4-year blogging buddy in person!!!

After my last school visit, I drove over to Clarksburg, WV to meet Becky at Classic Quilt Shop. I've gotta explore new quilt shops whenever possible when traveling. This cute little shop was bright and tidy and the owner was a sweetheart; I encourage you to visit if you are ever driving down 79 in West Virginia. I did my small part to help the economy and keep this LQS open - I picked up a few more goodies to add to my Embroidery Floss giveaway (on my last post if you missed it and would like to enter): some embroidery needles, some DMC floss holders (which I've never even heard of before, but I hate it when my floss gets tangled!!!), and 2 fat eighths of black and white butterfly fabrics - I bought fat quarters because I wanted some for myself, but I'm willing to share!

When we were done there, we headed over to Panera Bread to eat and get to know each other. It turns out, she's just as cool as I thought she would be, and hilarious to boot! We had some good laughs, talked about some books we've both read, travel, politics, family, etc. The time flew - I wish I had more time to get to know her!

And being quilters, OF COURSE we each had a little something for the other one. I gave her that snap shut coin purse I made earlier this week (I didn't mention on the blog that it was for her, just in case she read my blog before I saw her!) and the Independence Table Runner that I finished this year. It was originally made for her for PayItForward on Facebook, but I never got around to sending it to her. This meeting was perfect so I could give it to her.

Look what she gave me! She made this wonderful winter wallhanging, so I can FINALLY do some seasonal decorating - and it is embroidered (embroidery is definitely on my brain these days!). She did a beautiful job hand quilting it, and even added sparkley beads. I can't wait to hang it up!

Plus she gave me a bag of scraps (otherwise known as TREASURE in my sewing room). Look at all those Black and Whites for me to add to my Red/White/Black quilt! I'm tempted to rush home now and start sewing, never mind the day of school visits I have planned for tomorrow!

Thanks, Becky! I look forward to meeting you again, and let's not wait 4 years next time!