Friday, October 15, 2010

Me robaron!!!

When they took my tiny sewing scissors in Costa Rica, I wasn't so upset, even though I've traveled with those very same scissors for years; after all, I had my backup thread cutter medallion. But now they have gone too far! I'm in Quito, flying Delta, and they removed EVERY SINGLE basting pin in the tablerunner I'm (still) quilting, took two packs of quilting betweens, and all my flower head pins that I've been using to hold my Dresden Plate blocks together!

I have been traveling with sewing supplies for years, and the only thing anyone ever objected to before was scissors. This is outrageous! I have 10 and a half hours of travel before I get home, and I can't even sew! Argh!

(Actually, I had a pretty good day today, which I will share when I get home. Right now, though, I am just seeing red. I never thought of those pins and needles as weapons, but oh, what I was tempted to do to the security guy with them!!!)