Saturday, July 11, 2009


Jason finished his first quilt, and I am just so proud!
It will hang in the county fair from Tuesday until Saturday. I have my fingers crossed that he'll get some type of recognition, because he worked so long and hard on this. Besides, it's cute! I love the buttons he picked out to tie it with. Check out the haunted house and ghost,

and the bat flying in front of the moon.

My quilt is a different story. I didn't even it touch it today. I'll be sewing like a woman possessed tomorrow. I went to my quilt guild meeting this morning, and we worked on comfort quilts. We also received the instructions for the first round/border of our challenge quilt. Which reminded me...I hadn't yet made the center block for the challenge quilt. I worked on that while Jason finished up his quilt. The idea is that it is a round robin mystery quilt that we work on alone and don't let anyone see until it is finished. Last month we were given 4 blocks to choose from for the center. (I chose the easiest - Star of Virginia.) This month and for the next two months, we will receive instructions for each successive round/border. We should be done piecing the top in October, and are supposed to unveil our "masterpieces" in December, fully quilted. Then we'll have a display of challenge quilts at next year's quilt show.

I think only 1 person from my guild reads my blog, and she's the program coordinator who set up the challenge, so I can post my progress on here. Here's my center block,

and here it is after my first round.
This round had to include at least one triangle, but that was the only stipulation. Again, taking the easy way out, I simply squared up the half-square triangles that I cut off while making the center block, and made pinwheels with them. I'll all caught up until next month, waaaay ahead of the game. Now, if I could just finish this quilt that needs to be turned in at the fair on Monday...

Oh, and I also decided on colors for my Celtic Knot Mystery - black, red, green and white. Here's a layout (unsewn) of chunk #1.
I'm not going to sew it together until I gather some darker greens. And I'm not going to gather greens until my fair quilt is DONE. Better get to work.