Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quilt Guild Auction Finds

Here's my take from last Saturday's auction at my quilt guild meeting:

1) a sewing machine for Jason and Donald to share! It seems they always want to sew when I am sewing, and while I want to encourage them to sew, I don't really want to share! This will help solve that problem! Now, two of us can sew at the same time. You should have seen their faces when I brought it home - definitely a Kodak moment (of course, I didn't have my camera ready)

2) Lots of fabric! First 10 1 yard cuts of various quilt shop quality fabric, including a Jinny Beyer:

Then lots of plaid scraps and yardage - I've done two plaid projects in the past month, so I'm excited to replenish that which I have just used.

Some random scraps up to about 1 yard pieces:

Plus lots of pre-cut squares from 2" up to 4.5". Those went straight into my scrap tins. (no photo)

3) Some books

the one I really wanted was the one on the left - there are two quilts in there that I absolutely love - this one, that I am not nearly brave enough to try to make, (sorry for the lousy photos)
and this one, which I definitely plan to make, but am trying to hold off until I finish some other projects.

4) A whole slew of orphan blocks! I can't wait to put these all together into a free-for-all type quilt, much like V at BumbleBeans made, probably for charity, but possibly to keep.

While at the auction, I kept my hands busy quilting so that I wouldn't bid on absolutely everything. I finished this frayed edge quilt, and threw it in the washer when I got home.

I love the way it frayed. I dried it on my new clothesline, and it smells absolutely lovely. I just wish it were bigger so I could snuggle up in it!
I've washed all my new fabric and dried it all on the clothesline. I hope to get a chance to use some of it this week.