Friday, September 9, 2016

Quilts Show 2016

Our local quilt show was held at the end of July at the county fair.  I meant to post photos right away, but...
As usual, I was putting my last stitches in my quilt as they were hanging the last quilts.  When will I ever stop procrastinating??? Despite the proliferation of machine quilted quilts these days (which I totally understand and admire and am NOT knocking!), I love that nearly 15% of the quilts in this year's show were hand quilted!  Here's mine:

3rd place small/medium hand quilted
Close up of the hand quilting
I volunteered to be a hostess at the show and enjoy the quilts at my leisure.  Here are some of my favorites:

1st place hand quilted small/medium by Maureen G.
2nd place hand quilted small/medium by my friend, Sandra S

Surprisingly, the only 'modern' quilt in the show, by my friend, Sue L
She realized she was never going to finish her hex quilt, so she chose a different setting, by Maureen G
The colors of this grabbed me, by my friend Joan W
This one is also by Joan W.  Can you tell she doesn't do muted colors?
Isn't the quilting fabulous?  Quilted by my friend, Gail C.
Best in Show by Cynthia A - I love traditional quilts!
Close up of Best in Show winner
The quilt I'd most like to snuggle up with.  My friend, Gail C, always includes so many fabrics and fun details in her quilts.
Isn't it fun?  Stars & circles & butterflies & ric rac & yo-yos & buttons, oh my!
I admire Judy Niemeyer quilts so much, probably in part because I know I'd never be brave enough to attempt one.  This one was made by Gwyn C.
I love color!  This one by my friend, Helen W. 
When I first saw this one, I thought it was a photograph!  By Lori H S
I love minis, and the scrappier, the better!
And finally, Judge's Choice was this wonderful crazy quilt.
Can you see those wonderful details?  I could study this quilt for hours!
Ah, finally, I can free up some room on my phone for more photos, yet still enjoy this year's quilt show here online.  I'm already hoping to submit TWO quilts next year, including a mini.  I love them, but have never made one.  I think it is time!