Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Santa Letter for Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway

Dear Santa,

It has been a whirlwind year! While work has presented me with many trials, my family has presented me with many joys. I particularly cherish the time I spend with my sons in karate and cub scouts.

As you probably know, part of the scouting experience is camping out. We did our first campout as a den this fall. We put up the tent, no problem. We built a fire, no problem. We ate, sang songs, took a night walk - all no problem. The problem came at bedtime when there were three of us, and only 2 sleeping bags. My boys brought theirs, but I couldn't find mine. And wouldn't you know, it had to have been the coldest night of the year to date! I pulled out my car blanket, but it was woefully inadequate. I snuggled between my boys, hoping to absorb some of their warmth. I slept in all of my clothes PLUS my pajamas. It was all for naught. I spent most of the night awake, freezing and miserable, wishing I had a quilt to wrap around myself.

Which brings me to my letter to you. You see, while visiting the FAT QUARTER SHOP, I came across a quilt kit called CAMPING UNDER THE STARS.

I know that this Christmas Eve, it will be visions of this quilt, not visions of sugarplums, dancing in my head. It has lots of fabrics, which appeals to the scrap quilter in me. But there is a pattern! You see, I usually make things up as I go along, using scraps of fabric that I can find, and while I enjoy the process, it takes FOREVER! Having this quilt kit would allow me to get the quilt made in less time, allowing me to enjoy it sooner - like the first campout of the year!

I look forward to hearing your footsteps on the roof this year. If there's not enough to go around, please forget about me and take care of my kiddos - they have been super good and they deserve whatever they want for making me such a happy mom. Drive carefully!

AKA Vesuviusmama