Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tomorrow, I'm headed to the post office!

First, to send off the fabric winnings to Mrs. P of Quilting in My Pajamas fame. Her guess was so close it was scary! The total cost of fabric before tax was $132.13. She wrote:

I'm guessing $132.75.

Second guess...$147.78

If you had bought that much fabric here and it wasnt on sale and it was from a quilt shop it would have cost you about 600 bucks. Seriously. Online shopping has changed my life.

Oh and wasnt it you that commenetd about my 33 yards of fabric a few weeks ago...I wish I could find the comment because I have a feeling it would be a case of it coming back to bite you!

Glad you got to treat yourself :)

I also learned through this giveaway that Vera of Seams to Sew and Quilt has never won a bloggy giveaway. Never!?! I'm obviously hogging all the winnings if she's never won, so it is time to change that. None of her guesses were right, but she's been a follower since I blogged back on, so Vera, some fabric goodness is headed your way, too!

And finally, I'll be shipping off a birthday present to my brother-in-law. He writes poetry, so I made him a hand-quilted journal cover for his writings.

I hope he likes it! And I hope he thinks that the fact that the A is off-center is on purpose - of course, it was supposed to be centered, but me and my "no pattern, guess and pray for the best" attitude ended up a bit off center. I strategically planned my diagonal quilting to make it seem intentional. Were YOU fooled?

Now, off to pop in a movie and quilt away on my GGG quilt - after I whip the kids' tails in dominoes!!! Dare to challenge your mother, do you? (insert evil laugh) Ah ha ha ha haaaaaa!