Thursday, July 7, 2011


The kids and I pulled in at about 5 PM yesterday after picking Biscuit up from the farm where he boards when we go out of town. After spending the last 14 nights in 9 different homes and hotels, it felt GREAT to be home!

My own bed - aaahhhh!

Getting clothes out of a dresser or closet instead of a suitcase - aaahhhh!

My own well water - aaahhhh!

I was so excited to be home that I didn't know what to do first. Some of my mail looked promising so I started there. I was thinking that I'd received my fabric and instructions for Let's Bee Together for July, but nope. Instead, I was surprised with these two packages:

A sweet little notebook with my name on it from Mrs. P of Quilting in My Pyjamas - thanks, Shay!!!

And I won this book from a Sew4Home giveaway - I'm hitting the thrift store TODAY to find a wool garment that I can felt and make one (or more) of these little cuties!

Next, I went down to visit my sewing studio. I kid you not, a walked through a cobweb going in the door - BAD SIGN!!! I swept the room out, lit a candle, and fired up the machine to finish up my sample Let's Bee Together block for August when I get to send out the fabrics and the instructions. I hemmed and hawed about what I wanted (I was pretty sure I wanted a basket quilt but I wasn't sure which fabrics to use), but just before leaving for vacation, I realized I wanted something made with those cute little quilt sayings that I got from the Traveling Stash. I pulled out my black and white fabrics, added a touch of red, and voila!

(It reads, "A quilt on the the bed is worth two in the head.)

I have all my kits ready to go

and I'm going to ask Bee members to make whatever block they'd like - modern, traditional, pieced, appliqued, whatever. I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Then, I started unpacking, and came across some of the fabric that my mother-in-law (who first introduced me to quilting 8 years ago) gave me while we were visiting her earlier in the week. I'm most excited about that neutral on top - I go through neutrals faster than I can keep them in my stash!

While at her house, I snapped a few photos of quilts she had around. The kids slept under this quilt, the first quilt she ever made.

Her 90-year-old mother sleeps under this quilt.

And here is a quilt her mother made.

She amazes me - all of her quilts are not only hand quilted, but also hand PIECED! Wow!

Anyway, the kids and I are taking it pretty easy today. We slept in, had brunch on the porch, and now I need to go hang some laundry on the line to take advantage of this gorgeous day. It is so nice to visit with others, but it is even nicer to come home again!