Friday, November 9, 2012

Quilters Save the Day!

I have had two rather lousy work days back to back.  But when I come home, I'm greeted with so much beauty and generosity as I open your packages for Hurricane Sandy victims, that I can't help but feel better.  I hope these quilts serve as that same kind of balm to the soul to the recipients.

Here's Thursday's haul - 22 blocks:
Thanks, Em, Nicki, Debra, Sue and (unknown first name) Mills!! 
And here's what arrived today - 105 blocks:
No time to lay them all out for a photo. Thanks, Carol, Maddy, Michelle, April, Nancy, Linda, Evelyn, Sheila, Maria, Barbara and (unknown first name) Heyes!
So far, 274 blocks have come in - that's 6.5 quilts!  And it doesn't even count the blocks I've made!

So far, I only have one top completely assembled which will be shipped off for quilting by a quilting angel tomorrow, but I am diligently working on assembling #2.
Top #1 on the full sized futon in my husband's office
Another view of top #1 - do any of you recognize your blocks in there?
I have a guild meeting tomorrow, and I'm sure some of my guild members will take a baggie of 42 blocks home to assemble.  We'll get these blocks made into tops in no time at all!

I appreciate all that each of you has done, whether you sent one block or 27.  But I have to make special mention of two items received today.  Sheila sent some blocks, but also included a pillowcase that she had made.  Isn't this going to make some little girl happy?
Thanks, Sheila!
Close-up of the pillowcase fabric
And Maria sent a whole BEAUTIFUL completed quilt!
I love these colors - to me, this quilt says "soft and warm".  Thanks, Maria! 
I love the use of ric rac!
And I adore pieced borders!  Cool backing fabric, too!
Some of you have sent money to help with batting, so I stopped at JoAnn's today and picked up 4 full sized batts - pre-packaged batting is 50% off this weekend - woo hoo!

And others of you have sent additional fabric for blocks and for backings.  I've been keeping track of addresses so I can properly thank you all later, but for now, let me just say a blanket


I can't always match up names on packages with email addresses or blogging names to acknowledge that your packages have arrived, but know that if your name appears under MY HEROES over there on the top right, then I got it.

You guys are awesome!