Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I just can't help myself!

Most of you know that my husband is the men's basketball coach at the university where we both work. What you may not know is that we play in an extremely competitive conference, with 4 teams ranked in the top 20 IN THE NATION this year. (We are Division 3, not Division 1, so you'll never see them on TV)

Tonight, my husband's team traveled to Ashland, VA to take on the Yellow Jackets of Randolph Macon College as we do every year. Last week, they were ranked #2 nationwide. This week, they were ranked #9 nationwide. I'm pretty sure that next week, they won't be ranked because...


For the first time since February 1959 - 51 YEARS - our team beat them on their home court. Can you see how wide and bright my smile is right now? I am so proud of and happy for my husband and his team. Go Generals!!!