Friday, December 10, 2010

I did it!!!

I'm not sure what made me think I could create an article of clothing from scratch.

Sure, I can alter an existing piece of clothing:

(Dahlia sweatshirt for me)

(gnarled tree sweatshirt for father-in-law)

I can repurpose clothing:

(drawstring t-shirt backpack for Donald)

(memorial t-shirt quilt from my dad's shirts)

But to MAKE clothing from scratch!?! I wouldn't know where to begin! Then I saw this adorable skirt tutorial at Moda Bake Shop and the seed was planted. Perhaps I could make something for my niece...

It wasn't easy, but I DID IT!

Why I chose to make something with a drop waist and pleats and lots of topstitching is beyond me...

But I love it! I hope she loves it too! Tomorrow I hope to find an inexpensive long sleeved t-shirt to go with it that I can applique some coordinating fabric onto (a flower, perhaps, or maybe just some circles/dots), along with some tights (she lives in Massachusetts - brrr!). But even if it is only this skirt that gets wrapped up and put under the tree, I'm thrilled. I'm not sure I'll ever try to make another, but now I can at least say I've done it. (Thanks, Sam, for your clothes-making inspiration!)
Quilt guild meeting tomorrow. And then, after that, only 2 more months until Bonnie Hunter is coming to town. Woo hoo! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!