Sunday, September 18, 2011

A day to play


That's the sound of me sleeping in, the sound of me not leaving the house all day, the sound of me reading and finishing a movie and sewing and eating homemade Apple Crisp and building with Lincoln Logs with the kids and reading them a couple more chapters of HOLES at bedtime. That's the sound of me relaxing. What a wonderful day!

I spent some time today in the sewing room. I wanted to make a doll quilt, and was thinking that I wanted to make it from bowtie blocks. I pulled out a bag of solid scraps that I bought in WV last year (or was it the year before? Or perhaps 2 years ago? Where does the time go?) and pulled out all the pink and brown. When I was in Atlanta, my friend's daughter gave her room to me for my visit. Her room is decorated in pink and brown. Her birthday is coming up, and I thought I could make a quilt and pillow for her American Girl doll, Addy Rose Alston. Of course, with my quilter's ADD, I got bored making just bowties, so here's what I finally came up with:

Now to stuff the pillow and quilt the quilt. Of course, I just realized that I don't know what size her American Girl doll is. If it is one of those enormous ones, this quilt won't do. But you know what? When making the free-pieced letters, I realized that the doll has the same initials as my niece! If the quilt isn't big enough for the American Girl doll, I'll give it to my niece - I'm sure she'll have a doll or stuffed animal who will fit under it. Or I could make her a little rag doll to fit under there...

While I was playing in the sewing room, the rest of the family was playing, too. I walked by my husband and eldest playing Air Hockey...

to find my youngest playing deep sea diver in my tub.

I love it when everyone is happy and relaxed and having fun. And you know what, those bubbles look mighty good to me! I think I may just go banish Captain Jack Sparrow and his compadres from my bathroom, light the candles, and end my weekend with a book and a bath myself.

Have a great week, everyone!