Thursday, September 24, 2015


Much of my sewing lately has been making class samples.  The good news is that I often repurpose class samples into gifts for friends and family once class is over.

I know from experience that I should always make a class sample first, not just before I teach it to the kids, but before I even decide on a project and advertise it.  I was just so busy this time around that I didn't make a class sample for the Shark Pencil Pouch until after they had already begun their projects.  Because if I had, let me tell you, we probably would have done a different project!  Getting that zipper in that tiny round mouth was a challenge!  Luckily, I made mine right before the yesterday's class where we inserted the zippers, so I knew what mistakes to avoid.  Didn't their sharks turn out great??

And while I hate to impose MY passions on the kids, I am thrilled that they have shown so much interest in the next 8-week session - sewing Quillows!  The sample I made is American Girl Doll size, but we'll be making lap sized quillows.  Look for a parade of kid quilts in the weeks to come!

In the meantime, it is hand quilting, hand quilting and more hand quilting for me in the evenings.  Babies are coming, and I need to stay on track and get these quilts DONE!