Monday, October 3, 2011

Surrounded by celebrities!

The good news - I got my iPad working again. The bad news - all the data and apps I had stored on there are gone. Oh well. At least I can blog, right?

I worked a bit on my September Birdie Stitches BOM last night while watching a Hugh Grant movie in spanish. I'm sure I missed a bit of the dialogue, but with no subtitles, it was easy to stitch and listen. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera and my phone doesn't work here, so I can't upload photos. Posts with no photos - how boring, right?

How's this for interesting - I seem to keep staying in hotels near celebrities. In Mexico City, I was staying at the JW Marriott. Right next door is the W (strange name for a hotel, I know. Seems a bit pretentious). Guess who was staying at the W, messing up traffic for all unsuspecting visitors around him. Justin Bieber. Barricades all outside with screaming girls AND WOMEN! Hilarious, except when I was trying to get a taxi and they weren't allowed through the barricades to get me and my luggage.

Here in Costa Rica, I just returned to the hotel from a day of school visits to find a horde of boys in soccer jerseys at the gate and very strict security to enter the property. Of course they let me through since I am staying here, and I arrived at the door which was surrounded by men with cameras - papparazzi, I presume. My taxi driver was having a fit of excitement - from what I understand, the Brazilian soccer team is staying here and there's a chap on the team named Ronald Hino who is apparently some big shot in the world of soccer. I know nothing, but again, I seem to be in the presence of greatness. I just pretended that the papparazzi were there for me, and exited the taxi as gracefully as possible. :)

Anyway, another day of visits here in Costa Rica, and then I am off to Ecuador. Hasta luego!