Friday, March 19, 2010

Fish and finishing touches

One of my co-workers has a sister who works for the Virginia Aquarium. She drives this big aquarium truck around to schools to make presentations and such. Last night, after work, my kids and I got a private tour of the Aquarium Truck - VERY COOL! Their favorite, of course, was the Puffer Fish.

Since it was 70 degrees and sunny outside, my plan was to sit on the porch and sip lemonade while reading something happy and light when we got home. Instead, I ended up paying bills and cooking dinner and realizing that our tenants didn't pay their rent this month - argh!

Once the kids were in bed, though, I did sit down with my Bright Ideas Quilt to put on some finishing touches. I decided that the inner border needed some quilting, but I wasn't feeling terribly creative, so 1/4" outline quilting it is.

This quilt could be done, but I just enjoy it so much that I keep finding more things to do with it. Does that ever happen to you?