Monday, February 29, 2016

A strip here, a strip there

This week I mostly worked on my Carpenter's Wheel quilt blocks at the shop.  This Sunday and Monday, I finally made it down to my sewing room at home, and knocked out a couple more Strippy Scrappy Flippy Happy blocks.
I love that the weather has been so lovely so I can take photos outside!
The project would go by MUCH faster if I weren't cutting scraps into squares as I go, but my self-imposed deadline to have my scraps under control is fast approaching and despite all the precut squares I've added to my bins, it doesn't look like I've made even the tiniest dent in my scrap bins.

I'm linking up to Oh Scrap!  She's planning a Quilty Orphan Adoption event for later this month.  I'll be participating FOR SURE!  My orphan block drawer is OVERFLOWING!